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Asphalt Plant Parts & Supply

Outlook Enterprises distributes high quality, low cost asphalt replacement parts and new asphalt plant parts and supplies for the industry.

We supply great quality asphalt plant pumps, valves, Pug Mill tips/shanks, drum parts, motors, gear boxes, shakers, screens, conveyor belting, bearings, chain, sprockets, hot oil pumps, augers, filter bags, bin vibrators, drive belts, metal hoses and more!

Our parts staff will use their extensive knowledge to help you get the part you need as quickly as possible. We carry a number of common wear parts/asphalt products for any Asphalt Plant (such as chains, sprockets, etc.) to help reduce your downtime and get you back up and running that much faster.

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Outlook Enterprises even has a “Tank Cleaning Crew” working throughout the winter all across the Country! We guarantee the protection of the heating coils and that your tank will be scraped clean by the time we are done!

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Our service is second to none in the industry. We not only do all we possibly can to get your order correct, but we also follow up to ensure that the freight company has delivered.

If you are an asphalt manufacturer searching for the best asphalt plant equipment for your plant, look no further than Outlook Enterprises.

Be it material handling, heating, drying and mixing, combustion and air control, liquid asphalt pumping, metering, foaming and on-site blending or electronic control systems, Outlook Enterprises has the expertise and high-quality asphalt plant equipment to help you improve your operation and make your plant run better.

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Nowhere else in the industry will you find the quality, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service that we offer as a complete package.

We have a full scope of various pumps & with identical equipment supporting Outlook Enterprise products.  This includes exclusive features appropriate for today’s obligational needs and new formulations of asphalt plants, we have the solution for you. 

Outlook Enterprise delivers and proves pump solutions with sizes up to 12 pump sizes for Asphalt. 

If you are concerned about leakage no need to worry to trust us, we have a history of

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cleaning abrasive asphalt solutions. Multiple exclusive options are available to secure a tailored solution for the customer. 

Our Unique Assets

  • Optional 90° port arrangements & standard in-line 
  • Bearing preferences suitable for abrasive or clean duty applications
  • Jacketing choices including electrical, steam, & hot oil
  • Essential self-draining and top-mounted relief value
  • Designed for minimizing downtown with true back-pull-out

Outlook Asphalt Plant Equipment delivers various pumping products for the asphalt industry.  As a factory authorized distributor for Outlook Enterprises we provide the best pumping equipment for asphalt. Our application engineers will guide you in selecting the best equipment for your specific application.  

Are your asphalt pumps working in quality condition? Outlook Enterprises has the expertise and experience right for your job, weather you’re looking for a new pump,  hot oil pumps, or more.

When the temperature is at reduced viscosity, the asphalt plant needs a pump that is oil-based. To prevent solidifying in the pump it needs electric or jacketing heat. There are other considerations to know when selecting the right pump for asphalt cement application. 

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