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Fire Pumps, Parts, Motors – Outlook Enterprises, LLC has it all. When inspecting and repairing fire pumps we have what you will need! Case gaskets, packing glands, swing bolt assemblies, pre-cut braided packing, relief valves, CLA-VAL’S, pressure gauges, slinger rings, lantern rings and packing removal tools. We sell new fire pumps, motors, rotating assemblies and complete fire pump units if needed. Outlook Enterprises, LLC stocks many of these parts for same day pickup or shipping from our Denver, CO warehouse.

All pumps, regardless of the make or the conditions under which. they operate, are equipped with packing boxes. It is the function of the packing which is placed in these boxes to prevent air, water, oil or other. liquids from escaping from the pump when rotating.  Click here to see how pumps are used for high rise buildings.

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One of the most common repairs is a fire pump repack. The area where the shaft penetrates the outer casing of a fire pump needs to be sealed so water will not leak out of the pump. The seal at the point of penetration of the casing is known as the packing. When the packing needs to be replaced the old packing is cleaned and scraped out of the housing and new graphite packing (GFO) is installed. Also, new gland bolts and nuts & washers will be installed.

At Outlook Enterprises we sell Fire pump packing, case gaskets, packing glands, swing bolt assemblies, complete rotating units, new pumps, packing removal tools, etc. Most of which we have in stock at our Denver, CO warehouse.

Additionally, we carry OEM parts for Allis Chalmers, Aurora, Fairbanks, Goulds, Peerless, etc.


Outlook Enterprises, LLC stocks Winter pressure gauges:

PFQ714 4″, 1/4″ NPT BTM 0-300 PSI/KPA

PFQ707 4″, 1/4″ NPT BTM -30-300 PSI/KPA

Outlook Enterprises, LLC stocks CLA-VAL Pressure relief control 

20885302F 1/2″ & 3/4″ 55L-60/300, 100-300 3/4 BS 250S

20881504A 1/2″ & 3/4″ 55L-60, 20-200 3/4 BS 250S


Theses gaskets are pre-cut and sized for the exact pump you are working with. OEM parts for Allis Chalmers, Aurora, Fairbanks, Goulds, Peerless, etc.


Buy our pre-cut packing kits or bulk by the spool. We sell Packing cutting systems that will ensure that you can cut the perfect packing ring!

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